How To Bet To Win At The Casino Or The Difference

Whether you bet on red or black, or on even or odd, or on pass or miss does not make any difference and let’s continue with the dozen, columns, sixains or crosses roulette still no difference… no longer play full numbers , or on horseback or in square it is always the same.

Some give more income but have less chance of getting out so that’s not what we’re talking about… here we’re talking about your chances of winning or losing… and the balance of this fight.

Let’s go back to the beginning the weeks they follow each other and have a link … so sometimes they will be positive not to speak of luck and other times they will be negative which means that if you play for a year every day there will be had winning days and probably as many losers and if you are skillful you will win more often than lose even if it is a supposedly losing day.

The best way to understand it is that you go to the casino once a day and you only bet 100.00 once, logically at the end of the year you will have more or less won 182 times and lost as many times here we forget them. advantages of the casino.

Which means that chance is in a certain way balanced and likes to please everyone in the vast majority of cases and the aim of this exercise is not to talk about exceptions.

Knowing that you cannot really win at the casino because the casino will win as much as you… and knowing that the casino has certain advantages and that the longer you play the more your chances will be negative we come to the title of this page.

That’s why we say that no martingale can beat the casino but without a martingale, or some form of attack, or a betting system you cannot win at the casino unless you to marry luck.

The whole site talks about one thing the difference between knowing how to play and knowing how to win the details which make the advantage that the casino has over you disappear and give you an advantage over the casino.

How to bet to win at the casino since everything is equal you have to have several attacks like doubling as adding the losses and playing the equivalent with a goal winning 2 straight shots if the shots are equivalent you absolutely must play with the value of the bets and to be successful you have to observe how the waves of wins and losses follow one another if you are at blackjack see if the table as a whole is winning or losing.

You can’t improvise and I want to be lucky and the important point is to accept that to win you will have to go up and down in victories and that even if you lose that is not the reason why you increase your bets … but much more because you observe the game and follow these trends and its waves.